Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VS 2011 Beta UI

VS2011 Beta release on 29th Feb and able to install it today. I found following thing interesting in UI Part.

  • Overall look change to black and white ( Metro UI ) style of icon and color scheme.
  • Second change found in solution explorer. Now when you expand code file like ( .cs or .vb) It expand all classes included in that file. ( Image –1)
  • When you click on particular class or method inside that class, it directly point to that part of code. (Image –1)
    (Image  - 1)
  • When you working with web-development , you might want to switch the browser for your test. ( Like Open Page in IE , Firefox , Chrome etc). This functionality is not new as it available in older version of studio but it is more user friendly now.

I am going to add many as I find functionality in studio.

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