Friday, March 9, 2012

Move to funnelweb

Hello Readers,

I am moving to funnelwebblog as my personal blog engine. I am not deleting this blog and you continue to read all my older post over here  as well as new blog ( Move old post over there )

Once i will fully satisfied with new blog engine i will disable this blog and if i not satisfied i will come back to blogspot.

New blog location :

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SQL Schema Compare Tool

When Visual Studio 2010 release it comes with very important tool for SQL.

During development and deployment process required to compare source and destination database. I came across this situation many times for this either we have to remember what we changed in source ( development database) and need to migrate destination when bug fixes or changes uploaded to production.

To access this tool go to “SQL”  from Top menu and go inside schema compare as shown image below.


Now it is self describing.

1. Select “New Schema Comparison”
2. Add Source and Target Database
3. Press Compare. It will display all changed Tables,Stored procedure and other db object.
4. This allow you to generate script for this or if you press “Update” it will update to Target DB.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VS 2011 Beta UI

VS2011 Beta release on 29th Feb and able to install it today. I found following thing interesting in UI Part.

  • Overall look change to black and white ( Metro UI ) style of icon and color scheme.
  • Second change found in solution explorer. Now when you expand code file like ( .cs or .vb) It expand all classes included in that file. ( Image –1)
  • When you click on particular class or method inside that class, it directly point to that part of code. (Image –1)
    (Image  - 1)
  • When you working with web-development , you might want to switch the browser for your test. ( Like Open Page in IE , Firefox , Chrome etc). This functionality is not new as it available in older version of studio but it is more user friendly now.

I am going to add many as I find functionality in studio.