Saturday, August 14, 2010

SharePoint/System Account Settings

In my previous post about SharePoint system account, i explain that how to configure account so that you can see your DOMAIN/<<UserName>> account as System Account.

But to do so you need SharePoint Central Administrator site permission. There is another way to do same thing using coding. ( Little bit trick :))

There is hidden List called “User Information List” in SharePoint site.You can find system account and update that listitem for “System Account”.

1. (Before Update Item)
2. Custom code to update item.


3.  In above code you can replace “your name” with your desired name.
4. After you can see in profile and Upper Right corner of your site.

You can customize any account using above code. Sometime you want friendly name instead DOMAIN\<<UserName>>

Let me know your comment on this.

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